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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this game is amazing but i have a problem some medals don't work i almost have al medals but on my profile i can see that i don't have almost al medals how come

Why this? Why this?

Rated 5 / 5 stars


so emotic realy its realy cool that piano and the story i kinda like it realy

EventHorizon responds:


ChatTard ChatTard

Rated 3 / 5 stars


very funny type '' suck my cock'' and then type ''you either'' xpxpxp

Ban That Fulp! Ban That Fulp!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


funny game and got 6th place in hiscore with 964

Manly-Chicken responds:


Doodle Devil Doodle Devil

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


add medals plz it would be great if you added some i love this game plz add medals xp

Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


its an awesome game really make another one but i have an problem the game says i have 241 but when i count the medals he shows on my profil and under de game i'v only got 222 its weird would you fix this and keep up the good work

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Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


and load this -18 1i 18 1i,13 1j 17 29 1c 33 1j 3v 1s 4r 28 5l 2o 6d 3e 7c 49 8f 55 9f 67 aj 7e bo 8r cu af e1 c9 f0 e7 ft fp gg hc gv j1 h9 km hf md hi o4 hi ps he rk h5 td gp v5 g7 10u fh 12l en 14b do 15u ck 17f bb 18r 9u 1a2 8e 1ao 6r 1b1 55,1ch 4t 1cs 69 1d8 7k 1dp 95 1eg aq 1fg cg 1gj e8 1hr g2 1iu ha 1k6 id 1lv jh 1nu k7 1q0 kh 1s4 kf 1u8 k5 1vr jn 21d j6 22t ig 24d hm 25q gn 276 fl 28i eg 29s d7 2b4 bt 2cb ah 2df 94 2e9 7k 2er 62 2f4 4e,2hs 7a 2ig 8v 2jf aj 2kk c7 2lt dr 2nc fe 2oj gi 2ps hl 2r6 im 2sj jk 2u1 ke 2vi l2 315 lf 32o lp 34s m2 370 m4 394 ls 3an lj 3ca l6 3dr kl 3fo jo 3he ij 3iu h7 3k9 fm 3lf e1 3mj c9 3ni ad 3od 8g,3tq ad 3un bv 3vp di 40u f6 426 gq 43h ia 452 jd 46n jv 48g k7 4aa k7 4c5 ju 4dv jd 4fp io 4hg hu 4j6 gv 4kq ft 4me eo 4o2 dj 4pm ce 4ra b8 4su a1 4ui 8r,4v8 9l 4vo ag 50d ba 512 c2 51s cr 52o dq 53r f2 54q g7 55u he 576 io 58i k4 5a1 lh 5bk n0 5cs o3 5e7 p7 5fl qa 5h5 rc 5ip se 5kg tf 5m9 ue 5o4 va 5q1 103 5rv 10n 5u0 116 602 11h 625 11o 648 11q 66c 11o 68f 11g 6ai 114 6ck 10k 6em 101 6gn vd 6io uo 6kp u2,81a 185 82u 185 84j 185 868 184 87t 184 89j 188 8bb 18j 8d4 193 8et 19m 8gn 1aa 8ij 1av 8ki 1b8 8mi 1b7 8oi 1as 8qi 1ac 8sk 19t 8uu 19p 91b 19u 93r 1a9 96b 1ao 98r 1b8 9bd 1bn 9e2 1bv 9gn 1bs 9ja 1bg 9lt 1b0 9og 1af 9r3 19t 9tq 19e a0n 19b a3k 19l a6g 1a7 a9b 1as ac6 1bk af4 1cd ai7 1ct alb 1cv,1b1 59 1be 4t 1bu 4f,2f5 4l 2fd 43 2fn 3f 2fv 2v,2hp 7b 2hf 6k 2h6 5r 2gt 4v 2gl 46 2gc 3d,ala 1d2 ale 1dr all 1es alv 1ft ame 1h3 ams 1i4 anf 1j7 ao5 1kk aoq 1lv apm 1ng aqp 1p4 as0 1qr at4 1s5 auc 1tg avo 1uq b16 203 b2n 21c b4b 22k b60 23p b7p 24r b9m 25r bbl 26q bdl 27m bfm 28i bho 29b bjq 2a0 bls 2ai bnu 2b2 bpv 2bh bs0 2bt bu0 2c3 c00 2c3 c1u 2bv c3s 2bo c5q 2bc c7n 2as c9k 2a9 cbf 29h cd8 28l cev 27k cgj 26e ci2 251 cje 23e ckn 21o clt 1vt cmv 1tv cns 1ru coe 1po coq 1nh cp4 1la cpd 1j3,cpd 1j3 cpm 1gs cpt 1em cq1 1cg cq0 1ab cpv 186 cpv 162 cq0 13u cq1 11r cq4 vp cq7 tn cqb rl,kh c2 kk bu,3og 8g 3ov 82 3pd 7l 3q2 7b 3qq 78 3rf 76 3s5 7e 3sn 80 3t5 8k 3tk 98 3u3 9u 3uj ak 3v5 b9 3vp c3 40f cs 418 dl 424 em 430 fn 441 gq 456 hp 46j ik 488 j9 4a0 jo 4bo jo 4df jb 4f5 in 4gr i2 4ih ha 4k8 gf 4lv fh 4nk eh 4p9 dg 4qr cg,6ls ud 6me uv 6n3 vn 6nv 10f 6p5 119 6qf 11v 6s0 12i 6tc 131 6uq 13e 70e 13p 728 142 740 148 75o 14a 77f 147 793 141 7ao 13n 7cm 13f 7eo 13b 7gt 13b 7ii 13f 7k6 13j 7lq 13p 7ne 140 7pd 14l 7rb 15e 7t9 168 7v7 174 80o 17p 82f 18a,6k4 ub 6kn u4 6lb u1 6ls u9#v 1f 41 k,41 k -g h,-g h -19 1k,-q p -i -1a 46 -u 3u f,g -17 i r,1r -a 1j 1f,2r -13 2u 9,1q -j 19 c,41 m bg 97 kg bu,kg bs s3 ae 112 7p,111 7o 152 42 1as 56,152 3v 1ac 3l 1bq 4i,1lu 1r 1lv 8l 25n 93 25r 20 1lt 1s,1md 2i 1mc 7n 1o3 7n 1md 2i,1mp 2n 1pj 2n 1o3 68 1mn 2n,1ob 7g 1q0 2u 1pt 7u,1pr 7u 1o3 7q,1o3 7p 1og 7a,1sv 34 1qj 55 1t6 6f 1rc 8d,1u6 33 1tq 6p,1tn 6n 1uv 3n,1uj 4m 1uh 6f,1ut 6i 1vo 39 20h 6c,1va 5h 207 55,20k 3b 22b 39,21i 3g 216 65,23m 3e 22t 68 24j 6c,23g 4j 240 4o,23v 39 25a 38,23m 3b 257 36,20p 39 232 38#T 2s8 ef,T 2rm bp

Medieval Rampage 2 Medieval Rampage 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


the medals don't work i already kill'd the 3th boss and i even don't have the medal of slay your first enemy i havnt gott any medal weird it can be my pc but on other games i have the medals don't blame me if its wrong but its a but its a awesome game i realy like it is there coming a 3th game or something so keep up the good work

Doodle God Doodle God

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this realy an super good game i like the concept and i hope that you post a second one whit more elements and medals keep making stuf really its so good man this is one of my favorite games now!

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William and Sly William and Sly

Rated 5 / 5 stars


the concept is good and this is from now on one of my favorite games its supr dupr good keep making more games

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